About Us

Dave Maruna has been a “Car Guy” nearly all his life. He bought his first car, a ’69 Chevelle at age 15, even before he could drive. He still has that Chevelle twenty-plus years later, and he still has a deep passion for cars. Dave also has passions for helping people solve problems and for doing things right. When he entered the body shop business several years ago, he put all those passions together, along with the technical knowledge he gained from 10 years at Sherwin Williams, to form a very unique collision repair center.

Maruna’s Collision Center is a customer-centric business that is dedicated to providing exceptional value and service. The business has grown consistently while using word-of-mouth referrals as the principal source of advertising. Dave learned early on that extremely happy customers will gladly tell their friends and family about you when your repair services are needed. Maruna’s continues growing from new customers referred by enthusiastic past customers. Maruna’s Collision now is growing a second tier of customers as the children of repeat customers now are driving and becoming new customers.